These Babel Rising Screens Show The Original Game of Tower Defense

We're all familiar with the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, right? Ubisoft's upcoming Babel Rising is a Kinect- and PS Move-enabled tower-defense take on the parable, pitting players against a group of Babylonians who are trying to build a tower all the way up to God's front door. Such hubris!

The role of "God" is assumed by you, the player, and using your hands (or a controller), you attempt to confound the attempts of the laborors and keep their construction from reaching your presumably pearly gates. I asked if players would have the ability to affect the language-centers of the Babylonians, but it sounds like God's abilities here will be more of the "shoot a fireball" variety. Pfft! I guess accuracy to biblical stories is less important than making a fun game.


These screens that Ubisoft sent give a good idea what the game is about, and are quite lovely-looking, too.

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