Video game levels may often seem like absurd places. Who'd build a walkway there? Why didn't anyone clean this up? Yet as with most things in life, truth is often just as strange as fiction.

This gallery on Bored Panda is called "31 Haunting Images of Abandoned Places That Will Give You Goose Bumps", but in my eyes, it's more like "31 places that are video game levels, have inspired video game levels or should be video game levels".


Some of those that are levels include Pripyat's abandoned carnival, star of Modern Warfare's famous sniper mission, while Hashima Island, the inspiration behind a similar locale in the latest Bond movie, also features.

I'm more intrigued by those that I've never seen, though. Some, like the Salto Hotel in Colombia, look like they fell straight out of an Uncharted game, while others like Michigan Central Station look positively apocalyptic, and would be right at home in something like The Last Of Us.

My favourites though are the two boats. The Antarctic one really does look haunted, while the Sydney wreck is gorgeous. I can't belive I lived there for years and this is the first I'm hearing of it!


[Valley of the Mills, image credit]


31 Haunting Images of Abandoned Places That Will Give You Goose Bumps [Bored Panda]

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