These Are Your Favorite Kotaku-themed WarioWare D.I.Y. Games

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After much work and voting on your part, we're left with nearly a dozen mini-games created on the Nintendo DS to delight and amuse.


More importantly for these 11 finalists, the WarioWare D.I.Y. games are also a chance to win a pretty sweet prize package:

The grand prize winner of our DIY contest will receive a Nintendo DSi XL system, one DigiPen Institute of Technology online class, a set of WarioWare games (WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, WarioWare: Twisted!, WarioWare: Touched! and WarioWare: Smooth Moves), one Nintendo World store gift card (worth $1,000 value), a WarioWare: D.I.Y. T-shirt package and a Nintendo Points Card for 2,000 points.

Ten runners-up will receive a WarioWare: D.I.Y. T-shirt package and a Nintendo Points Card worth 2,000 points each. We'll also randomly select ten valid entries to receive a WarioWare: D.I.Y. T-shirt package.

With nearly 5,500 votes recorded and nearly 100 games to check out, the voting ended one minute into today and we've since gone through to tally who the finalists are. The finalists, listed below, will have to email me by Tuesday to exchange Nintendo DS Friend Codes with myself and other editors of Kotaku so that they can send us the mini-games to play.

We will then decide among ourselves which one of the eleven games is the winner and announce that winner on April 30. We will also announce the ten runner-up winners and the ten random winners selected randomly among those who entered valid games for the contest.


And now, the 11 qualifying mini games that received the most votes:
Gentle Thud
Link Lonk

Don't forget, if you are among this list of budding designers you need to email me your friend code today or tomorrow. My email address is below. If we don't hear from a finalist and can't reach one in time, or if one doesn't qualify under our rules we will select alternative finalists based on vote.

Also, don't forget, if you entered the contest you might still win one of the ten random prizes.


Thanks to everyone for all of the hard work.


I call Shenanigans on this contest and a selection of finalists. First of all I think it's a shame I did not make it to the finals as mine was 100% hand draw, took 10+ hours to create, is Kotaku THEMED in many ways, was intricately programmed (keyboard, animations) and it was actually a challenging game.


But I accept the fact I will not win the awesome prize, oh well...

so here is my critique on the finalists:

(please have an understanding of what s 'critique' is before condemning my opinions)

benjamines: This was supposed to be a Kotaku themed contest. This is a Mario themed game. Yes it is well done, and the animations when the enimies grab the mushroom are original. Putting "Kotaku" in the upper left (where seemingly only I looked) and submitting it is kind of lame. Who knows if you made this game before the contest and then just added "Kotaku" when you saw there was a contest. A good game that does not deserve to be a finalist.

McMasters: Your one of the few to actually make a Kotaku themed page! Sweet. While others did this same them you executed it best. My only critique is your Kotaku Logo, you should have atleast attepted to draw instead of use the letter stamps. I wish you luck in winning.

WolfPopTK: Funny idea. Decent graphics. But other than the randomizing that looked petty easy to progam, and it also looks easy to play. Funny sure... and it had the Kotaku page, but doubt it's what the judges want to win. Good luck though.

Skitch: God damn you have alot of Youtube views. Makes me think you had quite some influence on your number of votes. Maybe you have alot of online friends who spead the word on your game and all sent in votes. Or maybe you used expensive screen capture tech, with editing and word overlays so it was easier to see. Or maybe you actually made an awesome dungon crawler that tooks fun to play with great graphics and sound. But if I cover your name of your charter (Kotaku) with your thumb, how would you know this is a Kotaku themed game... did you just add the work Kotaku to a game you were already working on. If that's the only thing that qualifies your entry fot the contest that's pretty lame. Couldn't your enemies or items be kotaku themed. I hope you don't win, you don't deserve it.

DillDoe: great game, great graphics, good AI. Themed to Kotaku great! but themed to the contest it self may hurt your chances as it will not be an "official kotaku game" (not that was the contest, but a theory of what they were looking for) that the editors will be running around showing everyone. Good luck.

Gentle Thud: Simply awesome. You have created what is known as a "Parody". The graphics are great, there is humor. its a great homage to the mega man start screen, Changing to kotaku font, the RPG text, and including crecentes hair are all what make this work so well. You are a great contender for the prize, but all you have to do is tap his head and you win, really? It's more us an interactive cartoon than a game. I bet you win.

Link Lonk: Fuck you Link Lonk, go to fucking hell you retarded AssHat. Your game sucks. Great... a Slowpoke face. All you do is tap once on you poor graphics and you get a fucking slowpoke face and some kotaku fish. You do not desrve to be on this fianlist list. But it just goes to show you that anyone can promote thaie bullshit if you have enough friends and spam their screen name everywhere.

cowfish13: Good kotaku logo and shading. Good "Game" as it is one we all play, hell im playing it now with writting this comment. You did a great job, but it's bland. Nothing too rememberable or much to stand out. You made a game about commenting, not much more, which is not bad, but also not great.

k8sousa: dude, great drawing skills, your graphics, animation, and AI are top notch. But if I was to sh0w this game to some one who is a kotaku noob, would they get this is a video game blog, or a packing store. Unboxing just too much of an inside joke. Great art, but i wish you put you skilled towards a better idea.

StocDred; decent animation and graphics, intelligent AI and randomizing, but is Kotaku really just about pleasing the fanboys? Could you have out your skilled toward a better theme. I really liked the faces on your controllers, and there secondary phases.And crecente was animated well, and there is some challege to you game, ecspecially when it gets faster. You did a great job, but I doubt the judges with give it 1st place.

xxdxvicious: and again, video game them, but the word Kotaku thrown in, yes it is animated, but without the word this would not be themed for the contest. Great mario theme, but it should not be in the finals

And now my critique of Kotaku:

This contest was handled poorly. I like many people had alot of trouble posting our video into the entry page.


We all thought there were only 20 or so entries the night before the deadline, hence why you got so many last minute CRAP games because they all thought with so few games they all had a good chance of winning atleast a shirt.

The next day you post 95 videos on a single page, 6 of which were doubles, and more than a dozen that were too blury to see, didn't have the word kotaku anywhere, or just plain sucked. What....? you couldn't to be bothered to sift through all 95 videos to edit it down, but you expect the reader to do so?

After crashing countless computeres and scaring readers from ever retuning to the post a kind person made a youtube page. Which was great, but they could not be randomized, therefore it was VERY unfair to the people at the bottom. I had 1118 views within the first 3 days, but only 1157 at the end of the voting.

And lastly, you left the pools open for 7 days, and let any computer/phone/wii/ps3 vote once every 24 hours. I successfully cheated my way to 35 extra votes my myself. Imagine if I had a friend do the same for me, or all my friends, and their friends, and their facebook friends. What it came out to was a who had the most opportunitys to exploit the system.

This contest should have been better so good games could have moved on. I'm not a sore loser. I don't know how close I was to being in the finals, I just know alot of entries got alot more votes than me and didn't deserve them

Please feel free to critique me and my entry and share how you feel about it, the contest, the finalists, and Kotaku in general.

Thank you for your time.

I call Shenanigans, get your brooms...