You’re going to become intimately familiar with these men’s voices over the next few days. So it’s only fitting that we see the faces of the men who gave their vocal cords to the main characters of Grand Theft Auto V, isn’t it?

Steven Ogg, Shawn Fonteno and Ned Luke are the actors who performed as Trevor, Franklin and Michael in Rockstar’s just-released game. Ogg looks to have done at least one video game gig before, while Luke’s roles have happened on a bunch of police shows and a few soap operas. Fonteno’s IMDB page is pretty barren but here’s hoping that will change with GTA V’s release.

What do you think, do the guys look like the characters they portray? Ogg—seen here in a midnight release queue last night—might have a liiiittttle in common with crazy-ass Trevor.

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