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These Are Some Sexy Call of Duty Headphones

Illustration for article titled These Are Some Sexy Call of Duty Headphones

The Limited Edition Call of Duty: Black Ops ProGaming Headset comes in a slick travel case and includes spare ear pads and oodles of cables.


We're going to be reviewing the 5.1 surround sound headphone and mic next week, but I thought you might want a peek at the latest lush gaming product Mad Catz is selling. The Tritton-powered, illuminating headphones will set you back $149.99. Is it worth it? We'll find out soon and let you know.

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Doesn't seem worth it.

The best accessory I have ever bought for my xbox is the wireless mic. Doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything and no wires!

Best $50 I could of spent.