These Are Some Of The Guys Who Made Red Dead Look So Good

Half the visual appeal of Red Dead Redemption is in the landscapes. Those were done by Rockstar. But the other half is John Marston's swagger, or the way a bandit gets caught in his horse's stirrups.


That was done by these guys. NaturalMotion is a company that specialises in, well, natural animation for video games, and aside from Red Dead their "Euphoria" tech can also be seen in titles like Grand Theft Auto IV and Backbreaker.

This clip takes you on a tour of the company's British offices, and is worth a look because companies like NaturalMotion (and Havok) are some of the unsung heroes of your favourite games. You'd do well to get to know them!


[via GameSetWatch]

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Fernando Jorge

It is about time games stop using awful lazy ragdoll mechanics for enemies dying.

Either go for something like this or use scripted animations.