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These Are Nintendo's Official Christmas Sweaters

Illustration for article titled These Are Nintendos Official Christmas Sweaters

There are many unofficial “ugly” holiday sweaters for sale on the internet. These are not those. Available exclusively at UK retailer Geek Store (with international shipping available), these are the official Nintendo Christmas sweaters. If someone gives you a Nintendo sweater that is not one of these designs, they probably don’t love you.


Geek Store has quite a selection of holiday sweaters based on video games, comics, and more. They call them “jumpers, since they are based in the United Kingdom. They are also straight-up “Xmas” jumpers instead of “holiday” jumpers, because Geek Store tells it like it is. The three styles are available in sizes extra small through quadruple extra-large and run £39.99, or roughly $50. Along with Mario, Luigi, and their constant foil and some Pokémon, there’s also this lovely Princess Peach number.

Illustration for article titled These Are Nintendos Official Christmas Sweaters

Again, these are official. The press release says so. There are cheaper Nintendo holiday sweaters out there. Prettier ones? Sure. More comfortable? Who knows, I haven’t worn a sweater in decades. Happy holidays.

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So the people who made and wore kitschy sweaters in past decades - they knew that these were kitschy, right? Like, at least some of them looked at the sweater, said “this is festively tacky,” and put it on their svelte and zaftig bodies.