There's Very Little Time Left to Catch These Pokémon

How do you fit all 151 original Pokémon in one pokéball? Graphic designer Deanlord shows us how in one amazing t-shirt design, available for only a few more hours through

The humble artist captures the spirit of the original Pokémon games in this gorgeous gathering of 151 pocket monster pals, tastefully silhouetted against a black background and arranged as if to protest the very prison the inhabited for so many years.

As much as I like the new generation of Pokémon, the original 151 were and always will be the best. Hopefully this simple t-shirt design is something Pokémon fans would want to buy and wear.


Well I definitely wanted to buy it, but I purchased the female version so I can giggle at how my partner's chest distorts the design. Well done, Deanlord!

Gotta Catch a Bunch of Em [ - Thanks, KingOfAwesometonia!]

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