There's Two Sides To Every Xbox Live Banning [Update]

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You may have already seen this over the weekend, but if not, here's a clip that reportedly shows an Xbox Live moderator by the name of "The Pro" suffering from a bad case of ban fever.


The user, himself banned after a round of Modern Warfare 2 with the moderator, claims a combination of audio problems and innocence result in the glaring audio issues in the below video. And that he, and many others, have been banned from Xbox Live for "nothing", and that The Pro "abuses his power for no reason".

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Right, that's one side of the story. And it's one that gained a lot of traction over the past day or so. The other? Xbox Live Chief Of Police Stephen Toulouse says that the reason the video looks bad is that it has been carefully edited.

"Yes I've seen the heavily edited video of The Pro", Toulouse says, "the audio is clearly recut to omit the threats and ToU (Terms of Use) violations" made towards the moderator.

While Toulouse then says he "will certainly speak to The Pro about his tone", he claims any mention of banning made in the clip was in reference to users caught modding while playing Modern Warfare 2, which result in a ban of both a user's gold Xbox Live account and their 360 console itself.

So, those are the two sides of the story. Some kid's, with a very suspicious-sounding video, and Xbox Live's, with claims to the counter. Who to believe?


UPDATE - Here's a new video, showing some of the audio missing from the first clip.



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