There's Still Going to be a Grateful Dead Video Game. And Thank God, Really

Look, if there's one game that merits a massively multiplayer online experience, it's The Grateful Dead. This has been on our radars for a little while, and it's unclear whether it'll be a proper MMO, a Facebook game, or what. Things become marginally clearer in this new video, called "The Epic Tour," that has been posted to the game's official site.


So, it looks like the game will be an interactive recreation of the act of touring with the Dead—players will become a colorful dancing bear, and all will get a seat on a magical train that moves througg time and space, forging relationships with other bears while dancing to the band's classic tunes.


For all the jokes I could make about digital acid trips and playing video games while stoned, I actually like this idea quite a bit. One of the things I admired about The Beatles: Rock Band was how it was a such a well curated, non-fiction experience, a tour through a band's history.

It was possible to do that while focusing purely on The Beatles' music, but with The Dead, a more interactive, extra-musical experience would proobably be appropriate. One like… well, one like the kind of experience presented by an MMO!

I'm looking further into this, and will absolutely be playing the game (sans pot brownies) when it is released in 2012. In the meantime, check out the trailer and feel the good vibes.

The Long, Strange Game Begins… []

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Driving that train, high on cocaine,

Casey Jones YOU BETTER, watch your speed.

Trouble ahead, trouble behind,

And you know that notion just crossed my mind.

Oh yeah, I am SO seeing these bears ridin' into blue oblivion to THIS tune...

(seriously, once read an adaptation in Grateful Dead Comix years ago, as drawn by Hunt of the zaniest comics artists out there)