Apparently Snake’s box hiding box isn’t as fool-proof as we thought. Even Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima managed to spot it.

It’s no secret the makers of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic love their video game references, like last year’s BioShock Infinite Easter egg. And this isn’t the first time Metal Gear Solid has gotten some pony love—the 20th episode of season two saw Twilight Sparkle dressed up in a stealth suit, eye patch and headband. She even recreated Snake’s “I’m a statue!” moment from Guns of the Patriots.

While this latest Easter egg might not be the most exciting video game reference in series history, it might be one of the most apropos—the guy popping out of the box is Discord (voiced by John de Lancie), which aptly describes the current situation with Metal Gear Solid publisher Konami.


Thanks to good old Arniejolt for pointing out the reference for me—I’m so behind I didn’t even know season five had started.