There's Blood Everywhere: A YouTube Shark Beast Battle Simulator Story

The new battlin’ beast, the shark.

A few days ago, the developers of the physics-based battle game Beast Battle Simulator introduced a new beast: sharks. These sharks don’t need any water—they skitter across the land at a slow pace, and launch themselves at their opponents. Like their real life counterparts, they fight with their teeth and jaws. YouTubers have been putting these qualities to the test through epic, ultra-violent shark battles.

In Pungence’s battle, a single shark and multiple snakes defied the laws of physics by becoming airborne:

A tower of snakes, and at the top? A shark with a flamethrower.

“How is this possible?!” Pungence shouts. “The music stopped; I think the game is in shock too!”

And of course, things get gory.

Like, really gory.

Sharks are the fifth highest ranking animal on the list of available battling beasts. In campaign mode, they have the same purchase price ($125) as the hippo, giraffe, and rhino. They also have the same number of health points. However, while the aforementioned animals can only deal out 20 points of damage, sharks can dole out 50. This makes them an incredibly powerful addition to the team.


As with other animals in the game, you can equip them with a variety of weapons: flame throwers, mini guns, and yes, even lasers.

A land shark with a friggin’ laser beam attached to its head.

Which, based off of the responses to the original piece I wrote about this game, is probably going to make a lot of people happy.


Seems like all the Austin Powers fans collectively came together on that day to make that joke, and I for one sincerely appreciated it.

Sharks with laser beams consuming their raptor prey.

Many reactions to the addition of the shark have been positive on Steam, but a few players are also requesting that the developers add a water level.


Beast Battle Simulator is available on Steam.

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