There's An Official Xbox 360 Car Being Sold In Mexico

Because... somebody wills it, Volkswagen's Mexican branch will soon be selling a limited edition Beetle based on the Xbox 360.

With branded stripes down the side and a colour range that (mostly) matches that of Xbox 360 consoles, it's certainly a thing.


Strangely, there's no Xbox 360 integration in the car (sorry, this isn't Pimp My Ride), and just as strangely, to register your interest in getting more information you must submit your gamertag.

To make up for the fact you don't get one built into the car, purchasers will get an Xbox 360 with a copy of Forza 4.

Weird, but then, I guess those without an Xbox 360 won't exactly be lining up for one of these.

Limited Edition Xbox Beetle [VW, thanks Alfredo!]

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