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Players of NCSoft's Aion can now use their iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to stay connected to Atreia on the go, thanks to the Aion Exchange, now available for purchase in the iTunes App Store.


NCsoft is really pushing mobile connectivity in its games lately, first with the reveal of Guild Wars 2's connected features and now with the Aion Exchange. Available now for $1.99, the Aion Exchange allows players to keep track of their characters' items and equipment, track pricing trends in the game's Broker, keep track of stuff they'd like to buy, and monitor their own auctions, with push notifications letting them know when something's been sold.


"The economy within the world of Aion is wonderfully complex and deep and we've found that our fans are always looking for ways to better their interactions and experiences within the game. Aion Exchange is for them," said Chris Hager, producer for Aion, NCsoft West. "Aion Exchange is our first step in offering valuable and profound ways for our community to connect with our games when away from their computers. The applications current offering gives players added insight when buying and selling of in-game items – hint: buy low/sell high."

My favorite feature in the new app is the searchable item database, containing detailed information about every single item in the game. Now I can gawk at all the pretty items I will never own due to real-world time constraints.

The Aion Exchange [iTunes]

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