The wheel, of course, is the Wii U GamePad. Makes sense!

Japanese peripheral maker CyberGadget is rolling out a "Handle Stand" for the Wii U. It comes with a clamp so the GamePad can be used with racing games. If that's not your thing, it's also bundled with a more traditional wheel that has a slot for a Wii Remote.

Sure, it looks goofy—like, really, really goofy. But it makes sense. Don't knock it!


The Cyber Handle Stand will be out later next month in Japan for 4,298 yen, or around $42. Just in time for Mario Kart 8.

WiiU用のハンドルスタンドが登場!タブコンがハンドルになるぞwwwwwwww [はちま起稿]

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