There's A Tiny Master Chief Inside Every Xbox Series S

When the Xbox One X and One S launched in 2017, it didn’t take folks long to notice that inside the consoles, stamped on the hardware itself, were tiny little homages to the Halo series. In 2020, with the launch of the Xbox Series S, that’s now a tradition.


Having got their hands on a Series S, Modern Vintage Gamer started opening it up for a teardown, and when reaching the power supply noticed a wee lil’ Master Chief helmet stamped on the casing:

As always, a very cute touch.

While we’re on the subject of the teardown though, if you remember when the Series S was first revealed, people lost their minds over the big black grill on the side of the console. If you had not until now realised there was probably a practical reason for it, there was definitely a practical reason for it:



You can watch the full teardown, which is pretty interesting, here:

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I want to rip out that heatsink/fan and use it as a CPU cooler in my machine.