There's a Space Shuttle Riding On The Back Of a Jumbo Jet This Morning

The Space Shuttle Discovery got flown to Washington, D.C. today, on the back of a 747 jumbo jet. Regular folks are snapping some terrific photos as Discovery makes its way to the Smithsonian. Here's a sampling from various online sources.

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First pic by John Stockton, Flickr.

Pic by John Stockton, Flickr.

Shuttle-on-plane photographed near Cape Canaveral in Florida.


Pic by Herrea, Flickr.


Here's the shuttle flying over the White House, taken by one Rick Prisinzano and shared via Twitter.


And here's one from NASA themselves, so you can see how Discovery got loaded on board in the first place.


JUST ADDED: A great one via Ethan Klapper on Instagram.

JUST ADDED: Video of the take-off, via YouTube.

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