The new post-apocalyptic video game Fallout 4 takes place in Boston. You know what else took place in Boston? The beloved 1980s sitcom Cheers.

Hi! This post reveals a cool thing I found in Fallout 4. If you want to find it on your own, maybe stop reading.

While wandering the Boston wastes last night, I came across a curious sight: A flight of stairs leading down to a door labeled “Prost Bar.”

I breezed through the door without really thinking about the name and made my way inside. Here’s what I found:


That… well, that tableau sure looks familiar. I wasn’t a huge Cheers fan; the show was a bit before my time. But even I know the look of that big central bar, where all the glasses used to hang.

And those two corpses at the bar in the back…


… didn’t Cliff used to wear a postal worker’s uniform? I believe I’ve found the post-apocalyptic remains of Cliff and Norm. Still buddies, even in death.

Meanwhile behind the bar...


Sam’s not looking too hot, but it makes sense that he’d die while tending bar. (Our resident Cheers expert Chris Suellentrop tells me this could also be Woody, depending on which season was in progress when the nukes dropped.)

In the back, a room with a pool table:


Next to that, an office that looks suspiciously like Sam/Rebecca’s:

There’s even a Jukebox, though when I hit “Activate,” nothing happens:


I was so sure it’d play the Cheers theme, too! Maybe it’s a bug or something.

Of course, when I slowed down and realized that “Prost!” is what Germans say as a toast instead of “Cheers!”, the homage became much more obvious.

If you want to visit Cheers in Fallout 4, you can find the Prost Bar next to where my arrow is on the map here:


Fair warning, though: I’m not sure anyone there will know your name, and there’s no one left to be glad you came.

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