There's A Playboy Party On Facebook And Everyone's Invited

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The best part of Jolt Online's Playboy Party Facebook game isn't unlocking images of scantily clad women, but rather telling all of your friends about unlocking images of scantily clad women.

I play quite a few Facebook games, and I'm generally not too proud to beg on my wall for items for Knights of the Crystals or stove components for Cafe World. Something tells me I'm not going to be as brazen with Jolt's Playboy Party.

The newly-launched game follows the same format as many popular Facebook tiles, only with a distinctive Playboy twist. You slowly build your Playboy mansion, decorating it with furniture, stocking it with drinks, choosing the right music, and inviting the right fake celebrities in order to draw a crowd. You also act as host, greeting new guests and asking rowdy drunkards to leave before they spoil everything for the calmer drunkards.


If you do well, Playboy Playmate pictures will be yours, along with magazine covers from through the magazine's more than 60 year history.

"This is our Christmas present to the Internet", said Dylan Collins, Chairman of GameStop-owned Jolt Online Gaming. "We almost went blind developing this game but we think that Playboy Party will keep you entertained anywhere you can access your Facebook account".

You can play the game for yourself over on Facebook, or save yourself a lot of time and Google image search Playboy centerfolds. Your choice!

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