Screenshot: Pokemon Quest (Nintendo)

Pokémon Quest is a cute new Pokémon RPG, where you’ll be able to befriend the pocket monsters on the Switch. Update - 9:53pm: And it’s going to be available on the Switch eShop today.

Pokémon Quest is a “free to start” RPG for the Switch, taking place in the new region of Tumblecube Island. In the game, you’ll befriend Pokémon by giving them items or cooking them treats, battle and customize a base camp with collectibles. The game seems to center on creating a bond with the Pokémon you meet. You’ll be able to use special items called Power Stones to personalize their stats. Pokémon Quest also has a really cute, distinctive artstyle, where Pokémon, and everything else, are rendered as a series of cubes.

Screenshot: Pokemon Quest (Nintendo)

The game itself looks pretty simple. You’ll tap on the screen to battle, and have a party of three Pokémon rather than six, as you do in the mainline games. Still, it might be able to scratch that Pokémon itch for a little while.

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