We all know that Borderlands 2 contains a ton of secrets, references and easter eggs. But I've found something that's not on any "best secrets" list… it's something truly mysterious and perplexing that may change the way you feel about the world and your place in it.

I've become enamored of Borderlands 2's reflections—in standing water or through my gun's scope, the world of Pandora is often bent and refracted as if through a lens. As I was wandering the hub-town of Sanctuary, I discovered the above phenomenon, in which the water reflects a mountain but no buildings, and then reflects buildings that AREN'T THERE.

I took out my capture software and went all Ghost Hunters on it, capturing footage of the bizarre, paranormal phenomenon.


Is this perhaps a GHOST CITY, lingering beneath the depths?

Or maybe a PORTAL INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION, a bizarro world where people talk out their differences and no one's ever heard of a "grenade mod"?


Or perhaps it's just a graphical bug? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.