I’ve been having trouble understanding the world’s fascination with tiny Disney character heads, but now that there’s a game featuring tiny Marvel character heads, it’s a little less trouble. Marvel Tsum Tsum is now out on Android and iOS in North America.

They’re not technically decapitated heads. They’ve got feet. If anything, Disney’s removed the middle man and woman to create its wildly popular Tsum Tsum games and toys. I must admit, Phil Coulson doesn’t need a body to be awesome.

As with the Disney version before it, Marvel Tsum Tsum is a game about matching character heads. Or rather it’s a game about collecting character heads and then matching them in timed rounds, stringing together combos, activating special abilities and engaging in the odd versus battle.


It’s very cute,and the collector in me wants to fill out the roster with every head the game has to offer. They’ve even got a Darkhawk head, right on the title screen.

Marvel Tsum Tsum is free to download via iTunes and Google Play today.