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Music has always been one of the pillars of Macross—along with love triangles and space wars. But only now, 30 years after the airing of the original Macross, is it getting its first stage musical: Macross: the Musiculture. While such performances are somewhat common (like Persona 4's own stage adaptation), this musical is actually an entirely new story in the continuity of the Macross universe.

The musical is set three years after Macross Frontier on Macross 29 (Two-Nine), a pacifist fleet on the verge of economic collapse. As part of an economic recovery program, the government is holding a Miss Macross talent competition. At the same time, a new political movement advocating the return to a strong military has been capitalizing on the economic crisis and gaining popularity—especially among young Zentradi.


The situation begins to come to a head when two teens, Ash and Sakura, meet Vigo, one of the young leaders of the political dissidents.

To get a brief look at what the musical is like, check out the video above.

Macross: the Musiculture opened in Tokyo this past Wednesday and will run through October 10.

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