There's A Light Cycle In Every Collector's Edition Of Tron: Evolution

Fans willing to shell out $129.99 on the newly-revealed December 7 release date of Disney Interactive's Tron: Evolution will find themselves in the receiving end of one incredibly sexy light cycle model.

Tron: Evolution takes place before Tron: Legacy, so it makes sense that the game comes out a full ten days before the movie hits theaters on December 17. It also makes sense that the game will come packaged in a limited Collector's Edition, packed with a gorgeous replica light cycle model complete with attractive display case, courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles.


The only thing that doesn't make sense here is the price. Charging $129.99 for the retail version of the game and a model seems a bit much, though the model does glow, and contains a drawer for the game itself. If you look at it sideways, you're paying $130 for a model, a lamp, a video game, and a storage cabinet.

And that's how I'm going to justify this purchase.

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