Don't judge! This is less Nabokov and more frilly frocks. If you are interested in Victorian-era style threads, then the Japan Lolita Association just might be for you.

Lolita fashion is not mainstream in Japan, but it's had a subculture following for the last few decades. As mentioned above, be aware that the Lolita fashion movement, with its 19th century inspirations, is quite different from Lolita. The fashion is not usually sexual and even somewhat modest. has a good explainer on the movement and how it's actually a reaction to far more risqué outfits, such as mini-skirts.

Based at Omula Fashion Design College in Fukuoka, the Japan Lolita Association aims to spread the ideas of Lolita fashion though events and whatnot. It even has a theme song called, "Lolitina". Fashion model Misako Aoki (above) is the organization's official spokes—lita.

日本ロリータ協会 [ via 天神経済]

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