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There's A High School of the Dead Mod For… Mount & Blade

Now here's a pairing I didn't see coming.

I am neither a big reader of the manga High School of the Dead or player of the action-RPG Mount & Blade, but I remain surprised that someone has modded the game to include the general setup of H.S.O.T.D. And yet that's what this intrepid modder appears to have done—the mod has been up for a little while at ModDB, though he's recently released a new version that adds some new features, as well as this kicky demo video.


I relay it to you, good readers: Mount & Blade fans, does this look like something you'd actually try playing? Or is the Creedence doing most of the work?

(Via Rock, Paper Shotgun)

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I fucking love HSOTD, mostly because it's the only anime in existence that is about a zombie apocalypse (that i know of). I just wish there wasn't so much damn fan service in it, but i'll still wait for season 2 eagerly. As for this mod..... looks like shit.