My idea of a dinner out isn't being served what looks like cat food by a feline waiter. But hey, that's just me.

Tomorrow in Tokyo, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company is opening "Restaurant Mon Petit," which is named after Mon Petit cat food. (In the U.S., the brand is known as "Fancy Feast.")

February 22 is "Cat Day"(ネコの日 or Neko no Hi) in Japan—an unofficial holiday and a wordplay of sorts on "nyan nyan nyan" ("meow meow meow" in English) and "2 2 2" ("ni ni ni" in Japanese).


The restaurant is for a limited time only and will serve a full course French style meal that's inspired by, um, cat food. So, no, people aren't eating actual cat food. But, they are eating what looks like it!

Chef Philippe Batton is overseeing the menu.


Livedoor reports that guests wear necomini headgear to make them feel like cats.

There's also real-time motion catpture—sorry, capture—that turns you into a digital cat.


According to Japanese sites My Navi, RocketNews, and Joshi Plus, the meal includes a turkey terrine that really looks like Fancy Feast. Creamy seafood soup as well as grilled fish and beef are also served. Sounds purr—no, perfect.


Not anyone can eat at the cat food restaurant: Mon Petit's website held a lottery campaign to pick 160 lucky patrons. However, Restaurant Mon Petit is making fifteen more seats available today for Friday and Saturday reservations.


Restaurant Mon Petit will end on Monday. I will never forget it. Never.

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Photos: 東京ウォーカー, ロケットニューズ, マイナビ, Joshi+

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