There's A BioShock Infinite Easter Egg In This Week's My Little Pony

Do you see them? This is exactly why I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Well, that and the whole friendship and kindness thing makes me happy. And the bright colors. Also the toys. And Rainbow Dash is my best friend. But mostly because the writers of the show know their audience, and know that they'll go completely nuts when the twins go walking by with a birdcage.

Such a happy thing. I'm so glad reader Bob pointed it out to me, because I watched the video and missed it. Me, missing a thing. Can you imagine? I mean, even BioShock creator Ken Levine was in on it.

Did you catch it, or did you miss out? You know, you wouldn't miss them if you all started watching the show. It's magic, you know. Tell you what, here's the whole episode (Hub Network lets fans upload them to YouTube). The magic moment is around...bah, watch the whole thing. You'll see it.


Funny thing is, if you take Bioshock Infinite's ending into account...

(Vague Spoiler Alert) means this shit is canon.