There'll Be Mobile Fluxx for Christmas

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Playdek, the folks dedicated to bringing amazing card-based experiences to mobile devices, is bringing the chaotic glory of Fluxx to iOS in time for Christmas, unless the rules drastically change between now and then.


With Fluxx you never really know, now do you? Andrew Looney's twisted creation is a card game in which the rules and ultimate goal are constantly in flux, morphing based on which cards are played.

The latest version of the game is being sold at Target stores in that area next to the registers with all the cards that I never actually see anyone buy, but surely someone does because that's prime retail real estate right there.


"Fluxx is an amazingly accessible and fun game with a light-hearted and ever-changing strategic challenge," said Joel Goodman, CEO, Playdek via officially announcement. "Looney Labs' new version of Fluxx, now available in Target stores, hits it out of the park, and Playdek is happy to be bringing Fluxx to mobile devices."

The mobile version of the game will include pass and play multiplayer, single-player versus AI (I really want to see how they pull that off without creating a sentient AI hell-bent on enslaving humanity) and that modern cousin to play-by-mail, asynchronous online multiplayer.

Playdek makes excellent mobile deck building games. Fluxx is an excellent deck building game. You should probably all be excited now.

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FUCK YEAH! I had hit up Looney Labs about this a few months ago and they confirmed that they were working on an iOS version! Excited to have an expected date!

I'll still carry my set of physical cards with me (no substitute for that), but I will totally be having some fun with this digital version!!!