There Will Probably Be A Modern Warfare 2 Controller

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Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling jumped on his Twitter account earlier today, asking for help. Help with the design for a Modern Warfare 2 control pad.


The message reads:

In a design meeting for a #MW2 controller. Need your advice - Concave or Convex grips for the Analog sticks? Whats your preference and why?


Bowling later confirmed that this controller won't be coming from Activision or Infinity Ward, so it's most likely something similar to Mad Catz's Street Fighter IV pads, which seemed to go down pretty well.

Oh, and Robert: concave, please.

[fourzerotwo @ Twitter]

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SixTwoSixFour (aka Dangeresque)

See, if this is 360, they get the No Thank You hands, because the 360's controller is awesome... but if it's also PS3, we could work something out. Concave analog sticks? Not a big deal, but they're nice. Concave R2 and L2? -Essential-. I'm tired of the slippery as hell shitty DualShock 3 triggers.