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In late August, details leaked about a Modern Warfare 3 "Hardened" special edition, but none for a "Prestige," a more deluxe package that notoriously included night-vision goggles for Modern Warfare 2 in 2009. There are no details yet on a Prestige edition because there will be no Prestige edition for Modern Warfare 3.


Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling tweeted that news Friday. MW3's Hardened edition, at $99, runs $20 more than previous Hardeneds and includes a one year subscription to Call of Duty Elite's premium membership. So rather than offer two different packages, Activision's just putting out one, focusing on driving customers to premium Elite memberships rather than offering outlandish swag.


The "Hardened Edition" will reportedly include the Elite membership—which includes "future Call of Duty: MW3 downloadable game content," like map packs—and "Special Founder Status" for Elite, granting "Hardened" owners exclusive emblems, camo and "more exclusive benefits."

In terms of physical goods, expect a Steelbook case, special game disc art and a "collectible field journal" 100 pages long.

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