There Will Be No Gold Wii Nunchuk

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There will be a gold Nintendo Wii Remote Plus coming out late this year. Nintendo plans to bundle some of them with the new Zelda, Skyward Sword, and sell others separately.


But what about a gold nunchuk? You'll need some sort of Wii nunchuk attachment plugged into your gold (or white or black) Motion-Plus-enabled Wii Remote in order to play this new Zelda. Shouldn't there be a gold version to match?


There won't be one. "We looked into it," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-AIme said. "It was a little more bling than I think the average consumer was looking for."

There was also a gold Wii classic controller released last year in conjunction with Activision's revival of GoldenEye. Poor, Nunchuk. So left out...

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Dinosaur Rex

The real question is, WHY is nunchuck so expensive, if it is just:

-1 analog stick

-2 buttons

-30 cm of cable

-An accelerometer

-A special plug