There Will be no Female Shepard, Seth Green or Video Game Stories In the Mass Effect Movie

Answering questions that they didn't have time to answer during Comic-Con a few months back, the producers of the upcoming Mass Effect movie have posted a few bits of extra info on the project on the website of film company Legendary Pictures.


While dating back to last month, the blog was updated in silence, so much so that nobody really took notice of it. Until now!

While this shouldn't be too big a surprise, the movie will focus on a male Commander Shepard and not the female version. It's also revealed that Seth Green's character of Joker won't be played by Seth Green, which at first sounds absolutely incredulous, until you remember in the movie you'd have to look at Seth Green, and he just doesn't look the part.

The producers also reveal that the movie won't be based on the existing games; it'll instead be a "a completely new story". Which is...alarming.

Your Questions Answered: The Comic-Con Film Panel [Legendary, via VG247]

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