There Will Be Bowser And Donkey Kong Skylanders That Are Also Amiibos

There are no Digimon that are also Pokémon and no Thundercats that hang out with He-Man, but there will be two new Amiibos this year that also work as Skylanders.

Nintendo and Activision showed off the hybrid figurines during Nintendo’s Digital Event today. The figures will be compatible with this year’s Skylanders SuperChargers game on Wii U but, with a twist of their base, can also function as Amiibos, though Nintendo hasn’t said for which games.


Fitting with the SuperChargers concept, the figures will be paired with vehicles, so Turbo Charge Donkey Kong comes with a Barrel Blaster car. Hammer Slam Bowser has a Clown Cruiser. The characters will have their own moves and upgrade trees, with Donkey Kong throwing barrels and Bowser throwing hammers.

Next thing you know there’ll be Gobots in a Transformers movie.

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