There Really is a Lando Calrissian Society, and I Just Filmed Their Rally

First, I noticed that the people pushing past me near the Star Wars: The Old Republic booth at Penny Arcade Expo today were wearing teal capes.


Then I noticed they had moustaches.

This was the Lando Society, and they had a simple, ridiculous message to shout at the top of their lungs: "Never forget."

They also had songs to sing about the Empire Strikes Back's suave leader of Cloud City. They had posters. They had slogans. They had... a cause?

The Lando Society (which is a real group with their own website) loves Lando, who is definitely not in The Old Republic. Lando's the man, I guess. But he's not that old.

Watch the video that I shot of the rally here to learn more about the important Lando cause. Or just to see some people who are kind of nuts. Nuts about Lando.

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As far as I'm concerned Lando was a good(ish) man caught in a bad situation.