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There May Not Even Be a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720, Says Cloud Gaming Company Gaikai

Illustration for article titled There May Not Even Be a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720, Says Cloud Gaming Company Gaikai

Brace yourselves, readers! A company whose whole business plan depends on consoles going away says that one of the big platform holders might be getting out of the hardware business altogether.


Industry Gamers has Nanea Reeves, chief product officer for Gaikai, saying the following:

"Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3."


Now, there's no indication of anything remotely resembling an inside source, which makes this just so much idle speculation. One can speculate anything, of course, but it seems utterly bizarre to expect the announement of an exit from gaming hardware at E3. If anything, a company like Sony with lots of consumer electronics products on offer might announce TVs that will stream games off the PlayStation Network. But that's still technically a next-generation product. Or Microsoft could announce that the NextBox will be a fancy Windows 8 tablet that hooks up your TV. See, speculation's fun!

Sony Or Microsoft to Bow Out of Next-Gen Console Race, Predicts Gaikai [Industry Gamers]

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Why would it not surprise me to see Microsoft going with completely digital media? Fact: Most PS fanboys are constantly sighting the use of Blu-rays as an upside to the PS. Fact: Microsoft will undoubtedly HAVE to support Blu-Ray in some shape or form to be able to compete. Assumption: Sony has exclusive patents and rights to the Blu-ray system in their PS. Assumption: Microsoft can not acquire the rights for Blu-ray, or simply does not want to follow Sony's suit. Prediction: Instead of using a completely new form of media for games and movie Microsoft will just make everything a digital download. Thus making games have no discs, no space/size requirements, can play movies with blu-ray quality without naming it thus, and stops piracy and used game sales.

People will hate it, the Xbox will die, but I certainly wouldn't put it past Microsoft to try this.