There Is No Try...

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What a bummer of a way to start the week. Maybe we can take consolation in chit-chat about happy things, not necessarily video game related things, in this nightly open thread.

I'm going to go cheer myself up with some beer (a Mothership Wit), finally finishing the not-very-good Splatterhouse and watching The Empire Strikes Back in honor of Irvin Kershner. How will you be starting your week? Perhaps by reading some of these fine items of interest?

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The aunt and uncle I'm staying with just won't shut up about how evil Wikileaks is, and keeps harping on how they're endangering our troops.

Are they really?

Because all I really know about is diplomats bitching, possibly the aversion of an invasion of Iran (which would have killed MORE soldiers), and video tape of American soldiers shooting a news reporter. Not exactly what I could consider some horrible treasonous act, especially considering that a bunch of this wasn't even classified.