The people at Valve Software like to tease. They don't, however, like to confirm the existence of new Half-Life games.

Kotaku reader ZombieK says he spotted these images in the beta for Valve's spring-scheduled multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: GO. Let's classify them as teases. Or taunts. Or.. Easter Eggs?

The shots first appeared on the Steam forums last month.

ZombieK says the images all come from the beta's unreleased office map. "The textures and all the files for the unreleased maps are there except for the maps," he said over e-mail. "I originally ported only the map cs_office from source. And when I opened it in GO the chalkboard spread all over the wall . So obviously it didnt have any coding for how big it should of been but when I saw it, I started digging through every directory."


The first two images are screenshots. The others are art files pulled from the game's directories. The Mesa bits and the crowbar are Half-Life references. The others are jokes about other Valve games, Counter-Strike included. Good teases, Valve fans?

And no, this isn't a confirmation of Half Life 3 either.

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