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There is CityVille In China (and it's Legal!)

Illustration for article titled There is emCityVille/em In China (and its Legal!)

Super-popular Facebook game CityVille now has a little brother, developers Zynga releasing a version of the game in China. An official version.


It's called Zynga City, and has been largely overhauled for the local market, with buildings and events geared toward Chinese tastes and experiences. It'll also, fitting for a nation hooked on MMO games, include a quest system to go with the city-building.

I can see where they're going with it, but it's a shame only China gets the heavily-localised treatment. Why can't I play BushVille, and build a small rural town full of pubs, butchers and pie shops?

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flapjack21 doesn't like pancakes

Mmmmmm pies........

I really enjoy pies, from their golden top crust, to the softer bottom crust. Least of all the crispy edge crust of the pie (hands down my favorite part of a pie). The edge crust becomes even better if it has some of the remnants of the filling, oh how good it is. I actually enjoy a slight burnt-ness to my pies simply to give the top crust a bit of kick. Sometimes it can really enhance the overall flavor of the pie.

I could really go for some good pumpkin pie with walnuts right now. The sweet flavor of the pumpkin mixed with the crunchiness of the walnuts. The smooth texture of the pumpkin filling against the more bitter flavor of the walnuts. Oh how I wish for Thanksgiving to come sooner.

Pies, yum.