There Is A Steam Game Called Generic Space Shooter [Update]

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Steam has a lot of generic space shooters. I suppose this one’s at least being honest.


Yes, Generic Space Shooter is an actual game’s actual name. I kinda love how candid its description is, though:

“The aim of the game is very simple; SURVIVE! Try and survive for as long as you can, the longer you are alive the harder everything gets. New enemies will start spawning, different bosses will spawn, and the older enemies will start getting a little more aggressive. The twist is within the powerups and spacecrafts. There are a bunch of different powerups that can aid you when battling the enemies.”

“You also have the ability to slow down time at will. Everything apart from the player is slowed down. This is a very useful ability but you only have a limited amount of time you can use it for so use it sparingly. Earlier versions of the game were very generic, hence the name. However, I do think the game provides some very fun and unique gameplay elements.”

“Earlier versions of the game were very generic, hence the name.” You know what? Sure. Might not be the most salesmanly thing ever to end your pitch by essentially saying, “My game has some redeeming values, though! Honest!” but there’s something refreshingly down-to-earth about it.

And hey, they got a joke-y name out of the deal, too. It’ll probably grab the attention of a few folks (like myself). The game looks... well, it’s probably alright. Definitely has shooting and space.

Update 3/14/2016 12:35 PM: The developer of a game called Starsector, Alexander Mosolov, reached out to me claiming that Generic Space Shooter uses assets from a mod to his game without permission. Here’s a comparison shot. Mosolov says he’s filed DMCA requests with Steam and Google Play. As of now, however, Generic Space Shooter is still up on the Steam store.

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I hope that “generic game” is not going to become the new “simulator” fad...