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PS Vita owners, you probably play your machine on the train or the bus. Maybe you play it when you are out and about—or perhaps at home. You might even play it at the beach, like Polish model Natalia Siwiec.

There really isn't a "correct" place to game. There is a correct way to hold the PS Vita. Siwiec, it seems, missed that bit.

For a PS Vita product placement shoot, Siwiec posed with the Sony handheld at the seaside, but in several shots, Siwiec is seen holding the Vita upside down, including one pic in which she is fake gaming. In this pic, you can see the camera nub stick out at the button of the Vita's rear, instead of at the top.

In her defense, the machine wasn't on, and she was probably more focus on the modeling part than the am-I-holding-this-handheld-correctly? part.

Then again, she also has her beach chair in the middle of the tide—which isn't the correct way to use that item, either!


Natalia Siwiec w bikini w Bałtyku [Afterparty Thanks, Wojtek!]