All I Ever Wanted | In sunny Beverly Hills, California they have built mankind's greatest achievement — 24-Hour Sprinkles (Image by Sprinkles via Neatorama.)

Assassin's Creed III's Official Box Art Verifies Revolutionary War Setting

Looks like that rumored image we ran last night of the protagonist from Assassin's Creed III checks out-Ubisoft has posted the official box art from the game to Facebook that depicts the same tomahawk-wielding gentleman. More »

Sexual Harassment is a Joke to These Fighting Game Fans [Update]

Apparently, it's okay to make fun of sexual harassment in the fighting games community. That's what happened last night, as one of the biggest fighting game streaming broadcasts mocked the controversy that followed an episode of Capcom's "Cross Assault" web series.
Wednesday Night Fights, produced... More »



Journey: The Kotaku Review

This is the story of a scarf.
I'd knitted it off and on for most of life. I never felt any hurry to complete it; in fact, I never really knew how long I wanted it to be. More »


A Wonderful Old Letter From One Gaming Legend To Another

Before John Romero co-created Doom he was just a kid. A very smart kid. When he was a teenager, he wrote a letter to Jordan Mechner, a very smart man who made a game young John Romero liked very much.
Romero had taste, because Mechner's Karateka was awesome, as was his later invention, Prince of... More »


BioShock Infinite Plunges Out of the Sky October 16

The wait for Ken Levine's game now has a definitive conclusion, as Irrational Games and 2K announce an October 16 release date for BioShock Infinite in North America, with an international release October 19. More »


How Five Xbox 360 Owners Kept Their Launch-Day Consoles Alive

Remember the Red Ring of Death? Though today it's more meme than catastrophe, there was once a time when that terrifying symbol of hardware failure seemed to strike every Xbox 360 on the planet, morphing them all into useless bricks.
But what about the ones that lasted? More »


iPad 3's Upgraded Display Will Be a World of Difference for Games

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting next week's announcement about the iPad 3. We've previously reported that the new device is widely rumored to have an upgraded "retina display," vastly improving the resolution which, in turn, makes apps and games look better.
But reading about resolutions is one... More »


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