There Are Zombies On Blood Bowl's Lawn

While one of the enemies in Plants Vs. Zombies used to play football, the undead abominations of the newly-revealed Necromantic team actively play, or at least they will once the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition hits PC.

I'm going to go ahead and call foul right now. The Necromantic team, which joins the Amazons and Ogres as one the 11 new teams coming in the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition, is supposed to be summoned by dark necromancers to do their football bidding.

How the hell is a necromancer summoning a werewolf?

Flesh golems I can see. Definitely zombies, but werewolves? Are they at least undead werewolves? I'm so confused.


The Blood Bowl Legendary Edition is coming to PC in early 2011.


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