There Are So Many PC Games To Play, I Can't Choose One To Start

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I measured out a space in my incredibly small apartment and bought a desk. After rearranging my room, I finally have a space to actually hook up and use my PC. Now what do I do?


I live in New York, where people will live in any space they can get, no matter how tiny. My room has barely enough space to fit my bed, let alone a desk. I found myself in the unfortunate situation of hooking up my PC to my television and gaming uncomfortably on my bed when I needed to use it. If you’ve never had to use your keyboard and mouse on your bed sheets while craning your neck up to look at your wall-mounted TV, I would suggest you not try it. It was fine, in the way that ordering a breakfast sandwich on a roll and then getting it on a bagel is fine. It’s not what you wanted, but I mean, you can eat it.

After getting fed up with not having anywhere to do work, I measured out a space, moved some stuff around, and then ordered desk and a monitor and all the other accoutrements that I’d need to actually use my PC properly. It makes the entryway into my bedroom very tight, but it works. But now that it’s easier for me to use my PC more, I’m paralyzed by choice.

There are simply too many options. All the PC games I’ve bought over the years are now at my fingertips. I’ve played almost none of them, since it was so inconvenient to use my PC before. Dragon Age: Origins seemed too daunting. I want to finish Divinity: Original Sin 2 or get into another extremely long game of Crusader Kings 2, but I can’t decide which to do first. I have Battletech installed but haven’t touched it. I play a little Rimworld, but then remember all the other games I want to play, too. How can I spend all my time playing just one game when I have dozens waiting for me? I’ve finally just started playing The Sims 4 because it’s familiar, even though I feel guilty because I’ve already logged almost 300 hours of that just playing on my dinky MacBook Air.

My Sims screenshots do look extremely good now though.
My Sims screenshots do look extremely good now though.
Screenshot: The Sims 4

I tend to buy games I know I’ll play on my PlayStation, but my PC has been full of games I wanted to play “eventually,” especially since people kept telling me how much better gaming on a PC is. “Eventually” is now. Choosing a game feels like such a serious choice. What’s the best game to get the most out of my new setup?

I was so excited to set this up, and it still feels like a birthday cake I’ve been waiting to eat. Soon, I’ll just get used to having it, and will be willing to play any old crap to pass the time. I’ll get over the idea that the first game I can really sink my teeth into on this thing has to prove its worth. For now, I have The Sims.



I had this problem, then I decided to only buy a game if I wanted to start playing it at that exact time. When I make a decision I stop reading about it and start playing to avoid coloring my experience. I would play it until I decided I was done with it and only then would I look for a new game. I used to be paralyzed by choice and only play each game for 15 minutes to a couple hours, almost thinking I just didn't enjoy games anymore. This way I feel more satisfied, even if I don’t get to see or play every game. But it’s ok to do that.

If I missed something exceptional, there will be an article that does a deep dive that may bring it back to my attention, or the game may receive a remake or remaster.

I feel good giving a game my full attention and giving it room to breathe. I enjoy myself and lose myself in a game rather than worrying I might miss something.