Man, they've even made getting your hands on these collectible Dark Souls statues incredibly difficult. Publisher Namco Bandai have five—count' em, five!—one-of-a-kind creations immortalizing the cast and creatures of Dark Souls to give away. They could be yours.

Those sculpts, created by Dark Souls fan Peter Nordstrom, are an impressive 12" tall in actual size, says Namco, and will not be sold online or found anywhere else—unless you count eBay, where surely one of these is bound to wind up!


They're giving these things—the Titanite Demon, Elite Knight, Belfry Gargoyle, et al.—away through Dark Souls' web site, You just have to take part in the clue-finding, puzzle-solving scheme that people have been playing with for months. Namco says there's still a chance for new players to catch up and win, but the odds are definitely stacked against us.

Dark Souls hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next week in North America.

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