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There Are No Blue Shells In Starcraft Kart

Starcraft II isn't just about strategy! It's also about...kart racing.

Everdraed, a participant in the game's beta, built this map and threw this little race together to put a little more Mario Kart into proceedings, going so far as to have in-race items and "sweet ass go-kart" units.


Blizzard's Starcraft II - normally a real-time strategy game - is currently in beta, and will be out later this year for the PC and Mac.

[thanks Robert!]

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Props to the creator for using Super Mario RPG music for the video; it's a cute little mod, but doesn't seem like it'd be all that fun in practice.

Also, is it just me or does SC2 look almost exactly like WoW with robots and aliens instead of elves and green people?