There Are Four Ways To Mount A Motherboard In This PC Case

Origin PC is calling the new PC enclosure they've created "the most advanced and customizable desktop case in the world." I think they might just have something here.

Origin PC calls the feature, rolling out now exclusively to the company's Genesis and Millennium lines, "Variable Mounting." The case allows for the motherboard to be inserted four different ways.


Why? Maybe you need to improve the efficiency of air flow around the supported four-way SLI Nvidia cards. Maybe you're tired of putting a new computer on your desk and realizing the cool window with all the lights inside is facing away from you, god dammit. Every f***ing time.


Anywho, the new case features swappable side panels too, as well as a dual-hinged front door, because opening a PC panel towards you is a pain in the ass. They've thought of everything.


No, seriously — everything. Here's the Millennium mid-tower system (starting at $1,629, fully customizable):


And here's the Genesis full-tower ($1,849):


See it? It's the same case, with an expansion kit on the bottom. Millennium buyers can, at any time, pick up a kit to add dual 360mm radiators or up to 24 2.5 inch storage drives to their case.

Sadly, Origin's variable mounting case isn't sold by itself — it only comes with the Millennium and Genesis systems right now. Maybe one day they'll see fit to share this technology with the world.

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