[Image via Pokemon Company]

The latest Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer features a rather unusual Pocket Monster, even by Pokémon standards, called “Type: Null.” There are already theories about what exactly is up with this Pokémon.

Where to start? Type: Null is one odd name, there’s that medieval-looking thing it has going on, and it appears to be a chimera.

Here is the official description of a rather abnormal-looking Normal-type Pocket Monster:

This Pokémon wearing a mask has been dubbed “Null,” meaning nothing.

The shapes of its front and hind legs are clearly different. The reason is that Type: Null was constructed to synthesize the strengths of various Pokémon, enabling it to adapt to any situation.

The mask fitted to Type: Null’s head is a piece of equipment designed to control its latent powers. It’s extremely heavy, so it also serves to hinder Type: Null’s agility.

Hrm. The character has already evoked interesting reactions and theories:

More theories on YouTube, too, about the character and how it fits into the larger picture of Sun and Moon:

Interesting, but this could be a lot about nothing. Literally.