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Blizzard has released statistics showing how popular each of Starcraft II's three races are amongst the game's multiplayer users. And it's the poor Zerg coming in last.

Of course, that headline and intro could easily have said "Protoss are most popular!", but I've never liked the Zerg, so felt like drawing attention to that instead.


The exact figures are as follows:

Protoss are played 38.5% of the time.

Terran are played 38.0% of the time.

Zerg are played 23.5% of the time.

That's...quite a drop-off between the two races who aren't ravaging swarms of insects and the race that is a ravaging swarm of insects.

In light of the findings, Blizzard says it'll be looking at ways to make changes to the Zerg to make them popular. I'd recommend making them less purple. I've always thought it makes them look more like a marching children's birthday cake than a bloodthristy race of purpose-bred killing machines.

Developer's Corner: 1v1 Game Balance [Blizzard, via Fidgit]

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