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The Year in Gaming With NPR's Morning Edition and... Me!

Illustration for article titled The Year in Gaming With NPRs Morning Edition and... Me!

Earlier this week I went into the local public radio station to chat with Renee Montagne of NPR's Morning Edition about the year in gaming.


That's a lot of topic to cover in under five minutes, but we still managed to talk about Call of Duty: Black Op's billion dollars in sales, the coming of Nintendo's 3DS and the rising ubiquity of casual games on the go.

What didn't make the cut? The bumps in the road for the industry, including seemingly lower-than 2009 sales, the wonder of Red Dead Redemption and Minecraft and the Supreme Court Case. It was still a blast to be able to reach such a large audience and have a chance to chat with the Renee Montagne.


Give it a listen for yourself.

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